Saturday, June 19, 2010



Welcome to the EUMC Living Fearlessly discussion group! I am so excited to get started! A word of caution: This is my first attempt at creating a Blog and leading an on-line Bible Study. Uh-oh!! How about this? We'll learn together.

Let's get started. How about a brief description of why you are interested in participating in a Bible study on Living Fearlessly?

I look forward to the journey!
Pastor Karen


  1. I love Max Lucado books and the reviews on this book have been life changing for people. I don't consider myself to be living in fear since I know the final outcome but there are certainly some anxious days in life.

  2. The past four years have been eye-opening for me. As the ministry leader for Celebrate Recovery, I have witnessed first-hand how fears can absolutely paralyze individuals. Our hurts, habits, and hang-ups most likely stem from a fear or several fears. Once those fears have been identified, the real work of recovery can begin. "Living Fearlessly" is an excellent book that invites us to journey through our fears and to emerge on the other side victoriously free from fearful living!

  3. I have known for years that there are certain things that make me uncomfortable and that I am fearful of. It is only recently that I have begun to learn the source of those fears. Now, I would love to learn to live without them.

  4. Thanks for joining us! I appreciate your comment regarding fears: "I would love to learn to live without them." My prayer is that God will do just that: help us to live fearlessly and faithfully as we grow spiritually and become the people we were created to be.

  5. Fear? Fear? Who's got fears? HaHa!! We all do. I leave the bandaid on 5 days longer than required, hoping it will fall off rather than having to rip it (and some hair) off. I think I find, too, the older I get, the more I want to avoid physical pain... how does that translate into the other fears of our lives? I want to live more boldly for Jesus. How do my physical needs and fear impact my attitudes in other aspects of life? I do want to be fearless...